Data Builder Dan: Episode 1 – Metadata Mayhem

Metadata Mayhem disrupts data organization and understanding in the digital realm. Dan explores metadata management understanding in an effort to restore clarity and order. In the world of data, it’s not fun unless challenging! Also, check out the blog associated with this episode to dive into Metadata Management, and also a hands-on tutorial with DataHub […]

Volume 1: Metadata Management – Part 2: Deep-dive on Metadata Management with DataHub

Let’s look at implementing DataHub  The metadata management options highlighted in our previous blog Volume 1: Metadata Management – Part 1 depend on several considerations, and all may be a great choice for your specific needs. However, let’s choose one tool and dive into how such an implementation may look like. For this purpose, we […]

Volume 1: Metadata Management – Part 1: Understanding & Select Tools

Metadata management is an important part of data governance, but data governance encompasses broader measures that help manage all data assets within an organization. Measures such as setting up data policies, establishing data stewardship / ownership, steps toward data quality, or data privacy and security, to name a few. Metadata management focuses on handling information […]